• I teach computer skills to older people (whether retired or still working) who have not grown up with computers and find them very frustrating.  My computer lessons are specially focused on people who are retired.  I am based in Oxford.

  • Confidence levels sink for those of us who have perhaps been very competent in our working lives and are now reduced to a beginner level "by a machine!"

  • One of my clients once asked me the difference between 'Google' and 'dongle'.
    I love questions like that because it shows what maddening gobbledygook the world of computers is if you are trying to get to grips with it in your later years.  No question is too daft!

Who I help

*  Anyone who thinks of themselves as "hopeless", "stupid" or "not as good as they should be" with their computer
*  Self-employed people often working from home, needing basic help with managing their day to day computing requirements
*  The "older and wiser but still working" computer user who needs to keep abreast of office software or demanding employer
*  Anyone returning to the workplace after a break, worried about catching up with new software
*  Retired people grappling with home computers and tablets, needing things to be sorted out, simplified and fixed

How I can help you

Computer lessons at home
Do you have a list of irritating things your computer won't do, or things you've got stuck with? Or perhaps you've just acquired a new computer and it just isn't the same as the old one? People often want to know how to use email, how to organise their photos, how to use the internet.  I help complete beginners who have never used a computer before, and I help people with iPads too.

Do you wish there was someone who could show you how at your own speed? Someone who could answer your questions in simple English and make sure you have all the important things clearly written down?

As a computer tutor, I could be just the person you need. We can arrange private computer lessons at home of one to two hours, as long as you have your own computer. Many of my clients build up a list of questions and call me for a computer lesson or two, which keeps them going until they have built up the next list. My fee for lessons is £34.00 per hour.  Contact me

I don't like to ask my family for help, they're too busy and they go too fast for me.  Judy is really on my level and I've managed at last to get all my photos off my camera and sort them out on the computer.  
Betty, 82, retired carer

Work related lessons

If you're still working and have muddled through the years managing your computer but not being really sure why you're doing things and wondering if there's a better way, an hour or so with me could shed light on some useful tips. If you have a work deadline coming up and are struggling with a particular programme or task, I could help you with the things you can't do.  Contact me in advance to talk it through.

Solving computer problems

From time to time technical issues crop up and many of these are easily resolved during a lesson. I can sort out many minor technical problems and if necessary help you to understand and avoid them in future.

My computer support covers Oxford and the surrounding area.  I can be your first point of call for many annoying things like broadband and email not working properly, printers not behaving and computers running slowly. If necessary I can speak to technical support lines for you.  Contact me

I wish we could move Judy into the spare room, she's sorted out my old computer, my new computer, my iPod and even my phone bill.  I don't know what we'd do without her.
Glenn, 71, retired tour guide

Old or new computer
Not sure whether your old one is worth hanging on to or not? Are you worried about buying a new one because you don't really know what would be best for you? I'll help you assess your old machine, and if we can't revive it, I can give advice and even help you buy a suitable new one. We can then set it up from scratch, fully customised to your needs. Do you need help changing your broadband provider as well?  Contact me

My old computer died and I didn't have a clue what to do.  Judy came shopping with me, we chose a nice new laptop and set it up together and she helped me understand the new Windows.
Sarah, 75, retired academic